Write That Book!



I can put your book into manuscript form, edit it, create your marketing plan, and make recommendations about a publisher and a cover designer. You can work with me on a “pay-as-you-go” basis at the rate of $40 an hour for the manuscript work and $40 per 15-minute phone consultation on the marketing and publishing aspects.

If you need an expert writer to edit your manuscript or college papers or help you publish your blog or letters and documents, or if you need a “ghost writer”, my hourly rate starts at $50 for simple projects, more for complex projects like a thesis or resumes, and I require a one-hour minimum.

I am a published author, and you can read samples of my latest book and many articles on the pages of this website.

There is a shopping cart on this website (www.sheilaknows.com), so it will be easy for you to use a credit card or PayPal to pay as you go. Just call me to make arrangements to get started whenever you are ready!

Decisions, decisions! Here is a list of several preliminary book-writing decisions to make, and the sooner the better. Take your time with these points. They will help you get your book project under way without a lot of head scratching about how to proceed. It’s all right here! You may want to copy/paste this page into a Word document and use it as a book-planning worksheet.

What is your purpose in writing this book?

What is your concept or plot?

Have you created your outline?

Who is likely to read your book (your audience)?

Do you envision a long book (over 100 pages) or a short one?

How will you accomplish the actual writing: Computer, handwritten, recorded?

Who will put your book into manuscript form and edit it? I recommend ME!

Do you want a publisher, or will you “take it to Kinkos”?

Who will create your cover? I recommend Sharon Baker, Publishing Specialist. She did cover start to finish, and it is a beautiful book. See “True Ghosts” on the page called “Got Ghosts? Find Out?” on this website. Here is the cover:

Do you have a cover design in mind?

Do you have a marketing plan?

What is your time line for completing your book?

Have you started to write it yet?

When you have answered these questions, give me a call (612-866-1269) and start writing!