The Many Variants of the Uzi and What Composes the Military Variant

OverviewSince its appearance in 1950s this was used by the Special Forces and later was placed as a general issue in the Israeli military. It then found its way as a personal defense weapon in many troops and artillery tanker troops as well as those that requires frontline weapons by some elite forces.It has been exported to 90 different countries. has more information on kwc.

What are the classifications of uzi?

The classifications of uzi are based on its use and specification as in:

  • Military variants
  • Civilian variants
  • Caliber variants

What are the different types of Uzi under the military variant and how each differs from the other?

The uzi under the military variants have different types such as:

  1. The original Uzi submachine gun – it is the standard uzi with a 10 inch or 250 mm barrel; rated automatic firing of 600 rpm when in a 9 chamber parabellum. The 45 ACP model has a slower 500 rpm rate.


  1. The mini uzi – is a smaller from the standard, introduced in 1980. This has a 600 mm length and compressed to 360 mm when the stock is folded. Its barrel is 197 mm length. The muzzle velocity is at 375 m/s per second with effective range of 100 meters. Because of the shorter bolt, it can fire as much as 950 rounds per minute.


  1. The micro-uzi is a more scaled down version of the original standard uzi in 1986. Its specifications are 486 millimeter in length, when reduced to 282 millimeter with a folded stock. Barrel length is 117 millimeter while muzzle velocity is at 350 meters/second. The cycle rate of fire is 1,200 rpm


  1. The Uzi-pro is an improvised variant of the Micro-Uzi launch last 2010. It has been redesigned to allow two hand operationsand is made from polymer to reduce its weight. Though this variant is still under evaluation.


Though many new types of guns have surfaced in the weapon industry, still this legendary uzi is not being left behind as more developments are being considered from the original version.