120ml Bottle Vape Juice Flavors

In the past, vape juices were expensive. On top of that, you cannot really buy big bottles like today. Fortunately, competition tool over and now we can have cheap vape juices that can be bought for bigger sizes. We can also expect better juices for a better price since the manufacturers are trying to gain more customers by making better vape juices that are cheap. The best thing about this is probably the fact that there are now so many flavors to choose from. Each of them can cater to a different kind of taste depending on the preference of the vaper.

The Flavors

So far, there are a few flavor categories to choose from:

  1. Pastry flavors – these flavors are for those people who have a sweet tooth. Pastry flavors can come in different tastes like cakes, jams and more. There are also a lot of cheap pastry flavored vape juices in the market that can come in bigger bottles.
  2. Minty flavors – for those people who used to smoke menthol cigarettes, this is the flavor to go. It has a cold and smooth taste on the vapor that is not necessarily painful in the throat. Most of the times, these things come in 120ml bottle The most common tastes in this flavor line is fruits since they go well with mint.
  3. Coffee Flavors – this flavor is pretty new. Basically, these kinds of juices tastes like coffee and there are different kinds of coffee mixes that can also apply to vape juices.

There are more types of juices that has come out in the past few years. These are just the general categories, so if you are trying to look for a vape juice that will suit your taste, you better visit vape shops or online stores to find them. You don’t have to worry anyway since all of the juices being sold nowadays are really good.